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29 апреля 2015     Johna559
I am truly thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this fantastic article at here.
27 апреля 2015     Johnk68
I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
21 октября 2014     Tim and Flip
Sergeys project philoxenia probably inspires everyone who sees it himself. His kind way of offering help to every person, it feels hard to give back. And even when you help, it still feels like you\'re doing it more for you. Because what better can happen to you when you travel for a long time, that you can actually do something useful for others? And if its just chopping wood, digging a hole or meditatively painting a fence. By the way, is the meditation temple finshed?
...thank you for your "useful" stay at Philoxenia on Olkhon island))). You are welcome to come back here to use the holLY meditation palace that we are going soon to set above the new hole. Cheersss!!!
15 октября 2014     Steffi from Munich
Dear Aljoscha-Sergej :-) thank you that you hosted me and thank you for the philosophy lesson while painting the fence! i enjoyed the time at Olchon very much and i don´t know why..i miss this lake.. You are living at a very special place, but i think you know this. i finished the karamasow brothers during my flight to moscow... great book! Hope you and your family are ok and the white rabbit too!! Greets from Munich Steffi
9 октября 2014     Юля
Sergey! He really incorporates the spirit of charite! His refugee for backpackers - Philoxenia - is not only a concept nice to read about, but when you reach this place you truely feel this exceptional liveliness. People from all over the globe would meet in this very energetic place and share whatever they have. Sergey is totally free of any expectations but full of love. This becomes also apparent when you meet his lovely family. Contributing to the completeness of his new house is a simple and very effective way of showing at least a bit of gratitude to Sergey. большо́е спаси́бо!
7 октября 2014     Thomas
Dear Sergey, Thank you so much for the wonderful time I had on Olkhon and in your house. You are a role model to me and to all who come to you or live near you, it doesn\'t matter to me if you believe and I don\'t. The bond to god is something beautiful but never forget that it is you who is the man who makes a difference. I was in Kolkata in India and visited the house of mother Theresa, she made me think a lot, there are many people in this world who have charisma and the power of moving people but there a only a few who use it for the good and she is one of these people. It is easy to quote lectures or important peoples speeches, but walking up front with the heart in the hand without any double-thoughts can move people to do the same and that is what mother Theresa is to me. she might be holy but above all she is good. I hope you understand and I hope you have still a lot of energy to work on your house and many people to help you with it. Thank you Sergey If it is ever possible for you and your family please come and visit, you are more than welcome... Best regards Thomas Pichler Italian almost man...
30 июня 2014     Алексей
Сергей, проверка связи ! Как дела у Вас ?
Слава Богу! Все в порядке. Строим домик рядом с храмом. Приезжай помогать...
11 июня 2014     Antony
I spent several days on Olkhon island to Sergei travelers home. That was such a great experience. This place has such a great energy, and people I met there were all so nice. I was at first think to stay only one night, but I stayed 3 nights and wished I could have stayed longer !! Thanks Sergei for what you\'re doing for your island, your church, the kids, your family and of course the time and energy you share with the travelers. I feel so sorry I didn\'t have the time to shoot your family pictures on the last day. So now, I have to come again to do it (every reason are good to come back :-)
4 июня 2014     Martha and Anne-Laure
Date d\\\'arrivée: 28/06/14 Date de départ: 01/07/14 Nombre d\\\'adultes: 2 Nombre d\\\'enfants, leur age: 0 Info supplémentaire: My friend and I will spend a few days on your island at the end of june... your place looks incredible! I didn\\\'t understand if we have to do a request before or just \\\"first come-first serve\\\" as you said!! We have a tent and everything to camp. The date I put are a little approximative because we are doing some couchsurfing before in Irkutsk and wanted to do maybe a trek on Olkhon! We can\\\'t wait to be there! Martha and Anne-Laure.
1 июня 2014     Jack Newman
My friend and I are travelling across Russia on our way to Japan. We have visited St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd and Samara and would love to see Lake Baikal before finishing off in Vladivostok. My friend and I are travelling overland and by sea to Japan and back, so far we have been through Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Mongolia. Next stop is South Korea before finally arriving in Japan, the way back will include China and the Stans before crossing the Caspian Sea back into Eastern Europe. We\'re both recent graduates (Philosophy and Chemistry) and are travelling while we ponder our next move.

 We are always interested in meeting new people. It would be fascinating to see how Sergey goes about his life, living in such a remote area. So far we have only visited cities in Russia. Hopefully Sergey can help us to better understand rural Russia.
Jack, come try your chance with us. If we have space in PHILOXENIA you are welcome to stay in. If all is full, there is plenty of space to set a tent around the house or find another solution. 
Cheer up,
31 мая 2014     benjamin and johannes
I am a 30 year old physiotherapist from Austria. I have already traveled a lot of awesome places in the world meeting amazing and interesting people. Now i start my next travel project, maybe traveling around the world; starting with my friend Benjamin in Saint Petersburg, visiting my brother in Moscow and then travel with the transibirian and transmongolian railway to Peking. We decided that we won\'t stop between Moscow and Irkutsk to have more days in the amazing and beautiful baikal area, to get a feeling how daily life in this area is like. It would be great to couchsurf in Irkutsk, so we also get further and secret information about the area. So i hope to see you soon. Cheers Benjamin and Johannnes.

Sergey, we just arrived from an 88hour train ride from moscow and one of the first informations we got from a room mate was that you have a couchsurfers heaven on olkhon island... so first of all sorry for the kind of last minute couchrequest, but we luckily had no internet the last days. we are planning to visit the island on tuesday because we already heard so many amazing things about it. and it would be a much deeper experience if we could meet a ocal too who may tell us some secret spots. so i wanted to ask you if we could surf your place for some nights? would be great to meet you. thanks in advance benjamin and johannes
31 мая 2014     Sara Et Greg
Il n'y a pas de mots pour exprimer la gratitude qui est la nôtre d\'avoir eu la chance de rencontrer Serguey sur Olkhon et sa délicieuse petite famille. Le genre de rencontres qui marquent une vie. Juste merci.
25 мая 2014     Jerome Linda Martin et Simon
Bonjour Serguey! I write this message in French and English, because I think I remember that Serguey knows French. In French Nicolas et Lalaina, ainsi que la famille Novara (Sophie, Nicolas et Camille et Leo) nous ont conseillé de prendre contact avec vous lorsque nous leur avons dit notre intention de visiter Olkhon cet été. Nous sommes une famille francaise (de Grenoble) voyageant en Asie une année à la rencontre d\'ARtisans du commerce équitable.Ma femme Linda et moi meme sommes en compagnie de nos deux garcons de 4 et 5 ans, Martin et Simon.Nous avons voyagé d\'Europe jusqu\'en Inde par le train, puis 4 mois en vélo en Asie du Sud Est, et sommes actuellement en Chine. Notre voyage touche presque à sa fin. Apres un mois que nous passerons en Mongolie, nous comptons visiter les abords du lac Baikal autour du 15 au 21 Juillet. Deux couples d\'amis francais nous ont donné votre contact. Ainsi entre le 18 et le 21 Juillet nous serions ravis de passer quelques jours en votre compagnie sur l\'ile d\'Orlhon, si l\'acceuil vous est possible à cette date. Nous partirons en bus de Ulan Bator a Ulan Ude normalement le 15 Juillet. De là nous irions en bus à Turka, puis Barguzin sur l\'est du lac. Savez vous s\'il y a un ferry chaque jour de Barguzin jusqu\'à Olkhon en Juillet? Si vous avez des renseignements à ce propos ( horaires/tarifs), cela nous interesserait de faire cette traversée. Bien Cordialement Jerome Linda Martin et Simon Buffiere 13 rue des cerisiers 38800 Le Pont de Claix (pres de Grenoble) nos aventures et rencontres en Asie, les reportages sur les artisans, ainsi que le carnet des enfants sur: equitour.jimdo.com in English: Lalaina and Nicolas Lepin, as well as Novara Family ( Nicolas, Sophie, Camille and Leo), gave us your contact as we told them we would visit Orlhon this summer. We are a French family (from Grenoble) traveling for 1 year in Asia. We visit Fair trade artisans to make interviews. ENf of July we will get back to France by the train from Irkutsk. We travel with our 2 little boys Martin ( 5years old) , and Simon ( 4 years old). We began our journey by the train from France, visited Kyrguistan, Tibet, Neapal and India. Then we cycled 4 months in South East Asia, and we are now in China (Sichuan). After visit Mongolia during one month, we will take a bus from Ulan Bator to Ulan Ude , and then visit the east part of the lake (Turka, Barguzin). from there we intend to take a ferry and cross over to join your island! We would be in Orlhon for about 4 days, from 18 to 21 July approximately. We would be really enthousiast to meet you there, and if possible stay at your place? Please if you have also information about ferry from barguzin to Olkhon, is it every day in July, what time, what price? that would be of interest for us. Kind regards Jerome Linda Martin and Simon Buffiere Our diary on : www/equitour.jimdo.com
Salut chers Jerome, Linda, Martin, et Simon! 
Je serai ravi de vous rencontrer sur l'île. Même s'il n'y a pas de place chez nous, ce qui est le cas fréquant en été, nous pourrons toujours vous conseiller où trouver un abrit à côté chez les voisins où dans les guest-houses.
Portez-vous bien et see u soon, 

20 мая 2014     Antoine et Elodie
Salut Sergueï ! Notre petit Marcel est né ce samedi et avec lui, notre famille. Nous sommes heureux et tout le monde se porte à merveille. Puisse Dieu lui apporter secours et bénédiction dans sa vie qui commence ! Antoine & Elodie
Olkhon vous salut tous les trois en une seule famille! Nos meilleurs félicitations sont là pour partager votre joie bien méritée de naissance d'un nouveau être vivant qu'est votre très beau Marcel !!!  
A tous les trois je vous souhaite l'incessante connaissance du monde ineffable et infatigable vie en accumulant la Grâce de Dieu Vivant. 
Que vous soyez béni sous toutes les circonstances! Que vous soyez beau à voir comme sur la foto avec Marcel ! Et tout simple: que vous SOYEZ! et soyez nombreux comme les descendants d'Abraaaaam pour fonder votre philoxenia où les anges continuent à garder la paix et l'amour...
Nous vous embrassons avec toute notre amitié et Agapi en Christ,

Sergey Eremeev
Baikal's Olkhon Island

19 мая 2014     Quentin Et Anne-Maud
Bonjour Sergey, Nous sommes un jeune couple français sur la route du transsibérien. Nos lectures sur le lac Baïkal nous donne envie d\'y passer 2 à 3 semaines. Des voyageurs croisés en Mongolie nous ont parlé de ton accueil avec des étoiles dans les yeux ... Nous serions très heureux de pouvoir passer quelques jours dans ton auberge d\'accueil. Par ailleurs, nous sommes catholiques et aimerions profiter de ce séjour pour mieux comprendre la religion orthodoxe... Nous sommes Évidemment prêt à mettre la main à la pâte pour toute tâche nécessaire au bon fonctionnement de tes projets...
Salut Quantin et Anne-Maud,
merci de votre message. Je serai ravi de vous offrir un abris à côté de chez nous près de l'église à Khujir. Même si nous sommes complet complet, ce qui est le cas fréquent en été, on peut toujours vous conseiller où rester dans notre voisinage (il y a des maisons privées, des yourtas et des bases touristiques).
Donc, à bientôt! Portez vous bien...
19 мая 2014     Dimitri Bongers
Dear PHILOXENIA people: I stayed 3 nights in Khuzhir and had an excellent time their in Sergey\'s place. It is like travellers\' paradise! A great place to meet other travelers and waking up with a view on lake Baikal is just unique! Sergey is so nice and welcoming! To the other travelers that where staying there at the same time as me : I took an iron drinking cup from Decathlon that belongs to one of you, because I have the same and I thought this was mine. I feel so sorry!! If it\'s yours, contact me and maybe I should just travel to your place to bring it back? :D
16 мая 2014     SH
Cher Monsieur, Le quotidien suisse Le Temps prépare une série d’articles consacrés à la découverte de la Russie, qui seront publiés cet été. Je souhaite pour ma part réaliser un reportage sur l\'île d\'Olkhon, et faire découvrir la magie du lieu aux lecteurs suisses. Sur les conseils d’Eric Hoesli, je souhaiterais vous rencontrer lors de mon périple. Seriez-vous disponible pour un interview ? Serez-vous présent sur l’île au mois de juin ? En vous remerciant d’avance pour votre réponse, Et au plaisir de vous rencontrer, Mes meilleurs messages SH
16 мая 2014     Corentin
Hi, salut, my name is Corentin, but everyone call me Duck (so much easier), I come from Belgium a very little country but with nice people in it :) Travelling around Russia during 3 month and meet real russian culture and not touristic place and write about it :)  This year I took a year off to travel around Russia and Asia (maybe more?). I\'m looking to stay in Olkhon for 3days this week, you can choose when it will be more convenient for you? (I\'m free tomorrow and all the week). I\'m already in Irkutsk since yesterday but I want to stay a bit longer and enjoy the life here. I hear so much good things about you when I was in France and also in the TV and in Russia too =) So I\'ll be so glad to meet you. I try to spend all my time with Russian people to discover Russian culture and visit un-touristic place so its why I use couchsurfing website. I don\'t smoke and I\'m always happy to meet new people. Anyway if you have any advice about un-touristic place to see in Irkutsk and it\'s area I\'ll be so glad to have your tips :) Spossibo, Duck
10 мая 2014     Sara and Greg
Hello Sergey, We travel in russia since 2 weeks, and we would like continue to meet people, and see the russia like a russian and no like only a tourist... the baikal is a dream for us, and we would like discover it by bike or on walk... have you got a little place at home please? We\\\'ll be to your island for some days, and we would like to meet you. You have a lot of references, and we would like know more information about your crazy job... sonneur de cloche is a curious job!we have a tente with us, and it\\\'s not a problem for us to sleep in your garden, wake up by your \\\" cloche\\\"
9 мая 2014     Наталья и Сергей
Здравствуйте Сергей! Меня зовут Наталья. Я и мой парень Сергей очень давно мечтали побывать на Байкале и в особенности на о. Ольхон. И вот этим летом мы отправимся автостопом из Приморского края до Байкала. Очень хотелось бы задержаться на Ольхоне. Поэтому пишу вам, сможете ли вы нас принять. По части спальных мест - у нас будут спальники и пенки. Но по части чисел приезда точно пока сказать не могу, потому что добираться будем автостопом, пока ясно что это будет в июне. Пишу вам потому, что хочется задержаться именно на Ольхоне. От нас гарантирую чистоплотность и необходимую помощь в хозяйстве если потребуется, работы мы не боимся и готовы помогать:).
Приезжайте, Наташа! Если случится, что вдруг у нас места не найдется, то рядом всегда есть соседи и турбазы, где можно остановиться. А помощь в хозяйстве нам всегда нужна))) Надеюсь у вас все устроится!
До встречи,